Hooked is a drama about people’s dependencies. Human relationships and family dynamics will be tested in this story of addiction in all its forms.

Drugs squad criminal investigator, Oskari Autio, has a past that no one knew about, until the day the mother of his child, Krista, a former drug addict, turns up on his doorstep after 16 long years of being separated. Krista sees the drug underworld as an exciting place and when she gets a chance to gain information about the new traffickers who are importing cocaine, this gives Oskari and Krista a reason to be together. Krista takes on the role of criminal informant for Oskari and they make a co-operative agreement to help one another. This will help Oskari’s ex-lover to stay out of prison for previous drug offenses and for Oskari, it is a chance to trace the cocaine traffickers. This mission will put them both in constant danger.

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